Comprehensive Medical Supply

For 10 years, we have been supplying private individuals and public health care units with the most modern medical equipment, at the same time providing consultancy and technical support.

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Supply and 24-hour service!

Our company, as one of the largest distributors of medical equipment in the region, provides its customers with comprehensive supplies of equipment and medical articles, including disposable articles and personal protective equipment.
Our offer includes CPAP devices, pulse oximeters, oxygen concentrators, respiratory trainers and infusion pumps. In our store in Bydgoszcz, at 3 Starowa Street, near Galeria Pomorska, we also run our stationary point of sale.

In addition to selling high-quality medical equipment, we also provide 24-hour service supervision. At every stage of using the medical equipment we sell, you can use our technical and substantive support.

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Diamenty Forbes 2022

We are proud. The development of the company, which is conditioned by the quality of activities, with the constantly growing complexity of services, ensures success for everyone. We invite you to cooperation. 🔷 Business card at:...

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The organizer wrote on his website: 'In order to meet the epidemiological situation in Poland and in the world, we made a difficult, but the safest decision to cancel the VIII Weekend with SMA in the form of a traditional reunion. However, we could not let go of this...

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UT100 portable handheld heart rate monitor

Designed for precise, fast and non-invasive measurement of the degree of oxygenation, oxygen saturation of hemoglobin, commonly referred to as saturation [SpO2] and pulse [PR]. Illustrates the SpO2PLETH curve.

VS2000 Vital Signs Monitor

The VS2000 Vital Signs Monitor is an innovative device designed for use in special procedure laboratories and other areas of a hospital or clinic where patient monitoring systems are needed. Standard parameters include 5/3 lead electrocardiography (ECG), non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), pulse oximetry (SpO2), respiratory rate (RR), temperature (TEMP), optional parameters include ETCO2.

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