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Infusion Pumps

In the Medseven medical store in Bydgoszcz, we sell convenient infusion pumps. It is an apparatus designed for precise, continuous or cyclic administration of a drug to a patient.

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What is the most common use for infusion pumps?

Infusion pumps are designed to precisely deliver drugs to patients via the intravenous route. Such devices make it possible to accurately control the regularity of taking medications and the size of their doses. When using infusion pumps, patients are most often administered drugs such as antibiotics, chemotherapeutic agents, painkillers, insulin and nutritional supplements. This type of medical equipment is most commonly used in intensive care units in hospitals, but is sometimes also used by patients at home.

Types of infusion pumps

Currently, many types of infusion pumps are used in medical practice. Syringe pumps are the most commonly used in hospitals and by patients at home. They function by pushing with a certain force and speed the plunger of disposable syringes in which there is a specific dose of the drug. All operating parameters of the syringe pump are electronically controlled. Our offer includes, among others: Hedy pumps which are widely considered as some of the best syringe pumps on the market.

One of the pump types is described in detail on our product page: http://www.pompy-infuzyjne.pl/

Another variation of syringe pumps are PCA pumps, which differ in that they allow the patient to self-control drug delivery through the use of a manual manipulator.

Other types of infusion pumps are also ambulatory pumps, which are characterized by their low weight. These types of infusion pumps are powered by batteries, thanks to which patients using them have the ability to move around. A common type of infusion pump is the elastometric pump, which has a balloon reservoir that contracts as the fluid is delivered to the patient. The most complicated type of infusion pumps are volumetric pumps, which deliver fluid to the patient’s blood vessels under pressure and resistance.

Our company also rents infusion pumps. This type of solution is very beneficial when starting home treatment.

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