PULSOKSYMETRY - Pulsoksymetry

Pulse oximeters

We would like to present our offer for pulse oximeters, i.e. medical equipment that is used to perform non-invasive blood saturation measurements. Our offer includes pulse oximeters which make it possible to perform blood saturation tests in both infants and children, as well as adults.

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How do pulse oximeters work?

Pulse oximeters are most often in the form of a fingerclip, i.e. with a sensor placed on the finger. Of course, these devices are used to perform pulse oximetry testing, i.e. transdermal determination of blood oxygen saturation. This test measures the absorption of radiation by red blood cells at two different wavelengths (red and infrared). A pulse oximeter examines signals consisting of a constant and a pulsating, or variable component. The description of the absorbance of pulsating arterial blood is based on the variable part of the signal. It contains the calculated degree of hemoglobin oxygen saturation, or SpO2. Some pulse oximeters also allow you to take heart rate measurements.

Our offer includes many different models of pulse oximeters. One of the most frequently chosen models of this type of devices by our customers are UT100 pulse oximeters, i.e. comfortable pulse oximeters that allow for quick and precise measurements of the oxygen level and oxygen saturation of hemoglobin, as well as for measuring the pulse of patients of all ages, i.e. both children and infants, and in adults.

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