stetoskopy - Stetoskopy


It is a diagnostic device used in medicine to auscultate the patient, mainly his chest, heart and abdominal cavity. The invention of the stethoscope is credited to the French physician René ThéophileHyacinthe Laennec in 1816.

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Anesthetic stethoscope – its eartips are characterized by a low, one-sided head equipped with a membrane. This design allows the head to be slipped under the clothes of a lying patient. In addition, they are suitable for measuring blood pressure.


Cardiology stethoscope – the head of a cardiac handset is usually heavier, its diaphragm has a larger diameter, and the bell has a larger capacity. In this type of eartips, the proportions of the capacity of the acoustic channels to the capacity of the space under the membrane are especially carefully selected. In cardiological stethoscopes we often find a double drain – an individual tube is led for each ear canal, which improves acoustic conductivity.
Electronic (digital) stethoscopes

The usage of electronic sound amplification allows you to hear the softest sound, which increases the diagnostic possibilities and allows doctors with a loss of hearing to continue their work. In addition, electronic sounds can be recorded with the usage of specialized computer software – this significantly extends the consultation possibilities, allows you to send audio files via the Internet. The electronic stethoscope is an excellent educational tool that allows many consultants or students to listen to the examination. Such systems are used by medical universities.

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