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Thermometers – Non-contact 

In the 21st century, more and more customers decide to replace the previously used mercury thermometers with more modern and more convenient non-contact thermometers. Non-contact thermometers are also offered in our store. We strongly encourage you to see our full offer.

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How do non-contact thermometers work?

The operation of non-contact thermometers is based on the study of infrared radiation waves. The usage of such a thermometer is very simple and the results are obtained in a moment. You only need to point the thermometer e.g. at the forehead. The higher the temperature we have, the greater the infrared radiation we generate, the measurement of which triggers non-contact thermometer.

What are the advantages of non-contact thermometers?

The greatest advantage of non-contact thermometers is the speed of testing. Previously, measuring temperature using mercury thermometers usually took a lot of time, often spent in an uncomfortable position. Now, to check the body temperature, one short measurement is enough. It can also be repeated many times for certainty. Most of the non-contact thermometers available today in pharmacies and medical stores also have a memory in which several subsequent test results are saved. The big advantage of non-contact thermometers is also the fact that they can be used not only to measure fever, but also, for example, to measure the temperature of a lunch prepared for a child or the milk given to him.

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