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Anti-bedsore mattresses

In the Medseven orthopedic store you will find a wide selection of anti-bedsore mattresses, which are an excellent solution for people who, due to illness or surgery, have to stay lying down for a long time. Our offer includes both anti-bedsore bubble mattresses and anti-bedsore tubular mattresses.

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Anti-bedsore bubble mattresses

Bubble mattresses are perhaps the most commonly used type of anti-bedsore mattress. Air bubble anti-bedsore mattresses consist of small chambers that are harmoniously filled with air. These types of mattresses are recommended primarily to people who do not have problems with excess weight.


Tubular anti-bedsore mattresses

Alternatywą dla materacy bąbelkowych są materace odleżynowe o konstrukcji rurowej. Takie materace mają konstrukcję opartą na przebiegających poprzecznie przez An alternative to bubble mattresses are bedsores with a tubular structure. Such mattresses are constructed with cylindrical chambers placed transversely throughout the mattress. Tubular anti-bedsore mattresses are also filled with pulsating air. Their usage is recommended primarily to overweight or obese patients, due to the better stabilization of the body. Tubular anti-bedsore mattresses are also recommended for people who already have bedsores. In their case, if necessary, you can simply remove one chamber that causes pain.


Reimbursement of anti-bedsore mattresses.

For many people it may be important that there is a possibility of reimbursement of anti-bedsore mattresses from the National Health Fund. This type of orthopedic equipment is relatively expensive, so it is worth trying to ensure that the purchase of an anti-bedsore mattress is partially financed by the National Health Fund. The amount of reimbursement for the purchase of an anti-bedsore mattress may be as high as 70% of the purchase cost. - Oddychanie, Tlenoterapia, Koflator, Respirator, Koncentrator Tlenu, Aparatura medyczna Bydgoszcz.