We offerrefunded products.

The refundisanoption to purchasemedication, foodstuffs for particularnutritionaluses and medical devices, the cost of whichispartiallyorfullycovered by the NationalHealth Fund.
The refundrulesaredescribed in the Regulation of the Minister of Health on the list of medical devices issued on request of 29 May 2017 (Dz. U 2017 poz. 1061 z późn. zm.). It isworthknowingthatfewprovisions of the Regulationhavebeenchangedunder the Regulation of the Minister of Health of 18 January 2018.

For moreinformation on ourrefundoffer, pleasecontactourspecialists in the customer service office.

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Wykaz Produktów Refundowanych

We offerrefunded products.

CPAP devices


Absorbent products



Breastprostheses - Oddychanie, Tlenoterapia, Koflator, Respirator, Koncentrator Tlenu, Aparatura medyczna Bydgoszcz.