Rental service

We offer a widerange of medicalequipment and rehabilitationequipment.

We offermedical and rehabilitationequipment on favorableterms. Ourclientsaretrained in the use of rentedequipment by professionals.

For the comfort of ourcustomers, we offer transport and installation of the rentedequipment.
The end of renting the equipmentends on the day of giving the notice and setting the date of receipt of the equipment by e-mail to the followingaddress: or by phone. The notice period specified in the contractis 30 days. The companyMedseven Sp. z o. o. collects the equipment via a couriercompany on a dayagreed with the client.

It is the client’sresponsibility to prepare the equipment for shipping in the same way as it was delivered. Afterreceiving the parcel and then the technicalinspection (if no damage to the equipmenthasbeendetected), the returnabledepositisreturned to the Client’s bank accountwithin 7 days, whichmeans the end of the Rental Agreement.

Offer of products for rent


PLN 1350 rental – PLN 1000 deposit


750 PLN rental – 1000 PLN deposit


200 PLN rental – 100 PLN deposit


900 PLN rental – 1000 PLN deposit

CPAP / auto CPAP

to be determined

Suction devices

150 PLN rental – 250 PLN deposit


100 PLN rental – 250 PLN deposit


100 PLN rental – 250 PLN deposit

5-functions beds

129 PLN rent 150 PLN deposit

2-funtions beds

99 PLN rent 150 PLN deposit


30 PLN rental – 50 PLN deposit


50 PLN rental – 50 PLN deposit


PLN 50 for rent – PLN 50 deposit - Oddychanie, Tlenoterapia, Koflator, Respirator, Koncentrator Tlenu, Aparatura medyczna Bydgoszcz.