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Cough assistants

We would like to present our offer for cough assistants. At Medseven, we offer a lot of types of this kind of devices, which are primarily intended for home usage.

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What are cough assistants?

Cough assistants are devices that imitate and support cough reflexes, thanks to which patients can more easily remove phlegm during respiratory tract infections. All cough assist devices function in a similar way. Their work in two cycles. Initially, the device inflates the correct amount of air directly into the patient’s lungs. At this point, it simulates and stimulates inhalation, thanks to which it increases the volume of the lungs and causes the phlegm inside to detach from their inner walls. In the second stage, the cough assist begins to suck the previously pumped air into the lungs, thereby simulating an intense exhalation. When you breathe out the body also gets rid of phlegm from the lungs, which makes it much easier to breathe normally later.

Which patients should use cough assists?

Cough assist devices are recommended for both patients who have temporary breathing problems and coughing problems, as well as patients who, being chronically ill, are undergoing treatment, e.g. diseases such as spinal muscular atrophy and spinal cord injury or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Unfortunately, such diseases are usually associated with weakening of the respiratory muscles. The usage of a cough assist device can significantly help them and improve their well-being as well as breathing.

Medseven is not only a medical store, but also a rental shop. Patients who do not have such a need or cannot afford to buy their own cough assist, can use our rental offer for those machines.

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