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Suction pumps

The offer of the Medseven medical store includes medical suction pumps, i.e. specialized equipment that is used to remove various types of secretions from the upper respiratory tract. Suction pumps have a very wide range of applications. They are most often used in hospitals, medical clinics and in ambulances, which does not exclude their usage also at home.

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In which cases are suction pumps used?

In hospitals, medical suction pumps are primarily used during surgery. In such cases, they are used during heavy bleeding or to clear the airways. At home, medical suction pumps are an invaluable help for patients who are permanently lying down, e.g. permanently lying on a rehabilitation bed after surgery, suffering from cystic fibrosis orfor patients who are in coma and have problems with self expectoration.

What are the types of medical suction pumps?

There are two types of suction pumps available in medical stores: manual suction pumps and the much more comfortable electric pumps. Both of these types work similarly. They function by vacuuming liquids. Both types of suction pumps use the pressure difference that occurs between the external and internal environment. In electrical devices, however, the suction of liquids is automatic, while in manual medical suction pumps it is necessary to control the device by a nurse or another assistant. - Oddychanie, Tlenoterapia, Koflator, Respirator, Koncentrator Tlenu, Aparatura medyczna Bydgoszcz.