orteza - Orteza


It is an orthopedic appliance that stabilizes the joints or part of the body, usually replacing a plaster cast. Its main task is to immobilize the limb joints that have suffered injuries, e.g. sprains or ligament ruptures. Some orthosis can be used to heal fractures, especially flat and short bones. Due to their design, orthoses can be divided into rigid, semi-rigid (semi-flexible) and soft (flexible). Due to its function, orthotics are divided into: compression, stabilizing, compensating and corrective.

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Types of stabilizers:

orthoses of the cervical spine (→ orthopedic collar),
orthoses of the thoracic spine (→ orthopedic corset),
orthoses of the lumbar-sacral spine,
wrist and hand orthoses,
shoulder orthoses,
elbow orthoses,
including shoulder abduction orthoses
hip brace,
including abdominal orthoses
knee orthoses,
ankle orthosis.

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